Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions separated into several main categories. Click on the appropriate category for your question and answer. If your question is not listed, please call your salesperson or our office at (615) 313-8334. We will gladly answer any questions you have.

Do you deliver?
Yes, EFI provides delivery for all equipment, from the smallest pieces to the largest.
How much is the delivery fee?
Delivery fees are based on the type of equipment and the distance the delivery is from our yard in central Nashville. For specific rates please call your salesperson or contact our office at (615) 313-8334.
How quick can a piece of equipment be delivered?
Delivery time is dependent on when an order is placed and the availability of a truck to deliver it with. Same day delivery is very common.
Can I pickup a piece of equipment that I need to rent?
Depending on the size of the equipment. Small items that fit in a pickup truck, or be towed by your vehicle can be picked up. Items that can fit on a trailer, can be picked up as long as your vehicle is a size that can tow safely.
Can I have a piece of equipment that I have rented moved to a new location?
Yes, the move fee will depend on the equipment and the distance of the move. For specific rates please call your salesperson or contact our office at (615) 313-8334.
I own a piece of equipment, will you move it for me?
No, EFI's DOT registration is categorized as 'Not for Hire'. This categorization does not let us move equipment that is not part of our rental fleet or equipment being serviced.
Is the equipment full of fuel when I receive it?
All equipment leaves our yard with a full tank of the appropriate fuel. All customers should check the fuel level when they fill out the condition report upon equipment delivery and note any differences.
Does equipment need to be re-fueled before being returned?
All equipment needs to be returned full of fuel. If not full, then the customer will be charged to replace the fuel used. For specific rates by fuel type please contact your salesperson or the office at (615) 313-8334.
What do I do if I notice something about a piece of equipment when it is delivered?
Upon delivery each piece of equipment should be checked out by the customer receiving it. A condition report is provided for each piece being delivered. Items on the list include the equipment functions, fluid levels, tire conditions, fuel level and more. Note any issues, damages, or inconsistencies on the condition report. The customer then signs off on the condition report, as well as the delivery driver. Filling out the condition report completely, provides a starting point if equipment is not in the same condition when it is returned.
How am I billed for a piece of equipment?
Equipment is rented by the day, week or month, or longer. Each piece of equipment has a standard rate for each time frame. An invoice is created for a rental period when the equipment is returned to us, or when the period reaches three weeks.
How do I fix a problem with my bill?
Please contact your salesperson or our Accounting office @ (615) 780-2060.
How long can I rent something for?
A rental can be for as long as you need a piece of equipment. A rental period is billed according to the following categories: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Daily is an 8 hour day. The weekly rate starts after 3 days. The monthly rate is for a 28 day cycle. A new month starts every 28 days.
What is a Damage Waiver? Why do I have to pay for it?
In lieu of the customer having insurance to cover a piece of equipment costing up to 100+ thousand dollars, EFI charges a Loss and Damage Waiver fee to help cover the cost of our insurance having to ultimately cover the machine in case of damage or loss. In exchange for this fee, EFI will waive the recovery of certain damages subject to the terms listed on the L&DW contract, which includes a deductible, on a very limited basis.


  • This is NOT insurance.
  • The applicable deductible could result in a sizable amount of money.
  • L&DW has nothing to do with liability insurance.
  • We recommend purchasing Rental Insurance from your agent.
  • Any violation of the rental contract or L&DW voids the L&DW agreement.
  • Please read the L&DW document.
  • If a customer has insurance and pays for L&DW, the insurance will always be first in line.
How do I stop the rental period on a piece of equipment?
A rental contract DOES NOT stop until the equipment has been called off rent by the customer. A customer can call off equipment through the 'My Account' section of the website, by calling your salesperson or the office and getting a 'Pickup Ticket' number. This number can also be emailed or faxed to a customer at the time they call the equipment off of rent.
Can I get a weather credit?
Typically weather credits are not given, if there are extenuating circumstances, please contact us at (615) 313-8334.
What is equipment overtime?
A standard day is 8 hours, a week is 40 hours, a month is 160 hours. If a machine is rented for a day, but is returned with a total of more than 8 hours logged, then an additional fee 'overtime' is added to the rental contract.
What happens if the equipment is damaged while I have it on rent?
Customers are responsible for any damage done to a machine while it is on rent. Please contact us as soon as any damage occurs, so we can make sure the equipment is repaired promptly and is still safe to operate.
Do you sell equipment accessories and other merchandise?
Yes, we carry items such as gloves, rain gear, hard hats, safety glasses, pump hoses and much more. Please visit our show room to see our selection, or contact your saleperson.
Can I get access to my account through the internet?
Yes, click on the My Account link to see the information regarding Online Account Access.