Welders Generators

Power? Light? Are these needed at your job site? EFI carries a variety of Welders, Generators and Light Towers from quality manufactures, such as; Miller, MultiQuip, Honda and Wacker. Specific equipment types and sizes that EFI carries are defined in the sections below.

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Miller Bobcat 250 gas/propane hook / wheel kit   MORE >  EMAIL >
Multiquip TLW-300SS diesel trailer   MORE >  EMAIL >
Multiquip DLW330X2 Diesel Trailer   MORE >  EMAIL >
Generators - Portable

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Honda EB3000cK2A 3.0 kw gas   MORE >  EMAIL >
Honda EB5000XK2A 5.0kW gas   MORE >  EMAIL >
Honda EB6500SX 6.5kW gas   MORE >  EMAIL >
Generators - Towable

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Multiquip DCA-25ASSIU 20kW 25kVa 41.7 gal   MORE >  EMAIL >
Multiquip DCA-45USIC 36kW 45kVa 79.2 gal   MORE >  EMAIL >
Multiquip DCA-70USI 56kW 70kVa 127 gal   MORE >  EMAIL >
Multiquip DCA-85USJ 66kW 85kVa 127 gal   MORE >  EMAIL >
Multiquip DCA-125USJ 100kW 125kVa 169 gal   MORE >  EMAIL >
Multiquip DCA-150USJ 120kW 150kVa 214 gal   MORE >  EMAIL >
Light Towers

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Wacker LTC4L 4 x 1000W   MORE >  EMAIL >